Art in the Classroom

Art in the Classroom introduces children to the world’s great artists and encourages them to express their feelings and comments about a piece of artwork.


STEAM Enrichment

Building on the STEAM curriculum already offered, teachers schedule outside vendors (High Tech, High Touch, Discovery Museum or Mr. Dirtmeister) to give students more hands-on STEAM experiences.


Branches Literary Magazine

Showcasing some of the best works from students in grades 3-5, Branches is distributed at the end of the school year featuring poems, fiction and non-fiction pieces and artwork.


C.A.N.E. (grades K-2) and Mill River Lab (grades 3-5)

An extension of the Fairfield Public Schools science curriculum, these programs offered across all grades give students hands on and in the field science experiences.



Preserving the tradition of storytelling, parents recite a story from memory to students based on grades curriculum.